Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vintage Finds of the Week: Barware

Tis the season for cocktail holiday parties! If you're hosting one this year do it in vintage style with these vintage finds of the week. To start with pour your best bourbon and scotch from this art deco decanter set from Idle Holler ($20). Already have a decanter? Be sure to label it for your guests with a vintage decanter label such as the scotch decanter necklace from Dust Design Co. ($35). Shake those cocktails with a stainless steel vintage shaker and glass decorated with essential recipes from Ginchy Gear ($12). And if those recipes aren't enough to satisfy your crowd be sure to have a vintage bartenders guide on hand, like this Old Mr. Boston Guide from Serendipity Treasures (4.95). Shake it up and have a blast!

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