Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mid-Week Inspiration: Bogart and Bacall

In keeping with my Valentine mood, this week's Mid-Week Inspiration is my favorite film noir couple, Bogart and Bacall. Humphrey Bogart met Lauren Bacall while filming To Have and Have Not in 1944 . Bogart was 45 and married but instantly attracted to the very young 19 year old Bacall. He mentored her as this was her first film and a relationship was born. After divorcing his wife he married Bacall in 1945 and they remained married until his death in 1957. They had two children, a boy, Stephen, named after Bogart's character in To Have and Have Not and a girl, Leslie, named after Bogart's actor friend Leslie Howard who was killed in WWII.
The couple filmed four movies together. Their chemistry is fun to watch and the films themselves are film noir masterpieces.

To Have and Have Not (1944). Bacall's screen debut and a great one. Her zingers and one liners are a treat. You'd never know she's 19. I also love Bogart's high waisted jeans.

The Big Sleep (1946). Bogart as Phillip Marlowe, I swoon! Good suspense and intrigue.

Dark Passage (1947). On my Netflix queue.

Key Largo (1948). Most likely the most popular one, but my least favorite. Still worth watching.

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