Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mid-Week Inspiration: Winter Weddings

I always thought a winter wedding would be so romantic. A furry shrug, a cozy sweater, cranberry and evergreen accents, a quiet snowy landscape...

Here is some winter wedding inspiration. 

How gorgeous is this dress? 

Just lovely!

Love the sweater, mittens, and dashing groom!

This cake! I might have a winter themed party- just to serve this!

From my shop, ruby velvet garters. 

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kelly said...

I had a January wedding!! It was very much like the "polar vortex" we are having, the year we were married..!! But our wedding was quite romantic~and everyone was so cooped up and eventless, that almost all our invitees attended! I had a lovely vintage gown w/long lace sleeves, and the bridesmaids wore plum velvet and had ivory and blush bouquets. Lots of candles and evergreen made the mood complete. The only downside is having your anniversary in January.....kind of kills any notion of picnics, nostalgic walks or anything like that. A getaway to the tropics is your best bet!! :) Thanks for a fun post.

Unknown said...

That sounds wonderful!