Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My View: Winter Hats

Winter is coming to an end! Finally! The past few months have been about hibernation and bundling up to go outside. I've been busy knitting warm hats or enjoying putting some vintage ones into rotation. This was a season where need overshadowed fashion, but hopefully we pulled off both! 
Here's a sampling of just a few of the hats from this Winter that were put to the test:

It was a sunny day, but freezing! Here I am sporting my Maple Leaf Turban. This hat is really warm, and with my Mother's brooch I could channel my Canadian ancestry to keep warm!  

 I bought this vintage 1960's fur hat in Memphis last Summer. I always find the best vintage winter wear in warm climates! I love this hat, it's very chic and stylish. I am actually looking forward to wearing this with a late Fall or early Spring ensemble. This hat is very warm but does not cover the ears which is crucial during freezing temps. 

This one I knitted up for my husband with the Peace Fleece I purchased in Maine last Fall. Blue is his color! If you're looking for a simple watch cap or Jacques Cousteau style pattern, this is the one. 
What was your "go to" hat this Winter to keep the chill away?

 All of these photos were first shown on my Instagram feed. If you want to keep the "insta" in Instagram follow me @bobbinbombshell.

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