Thursday, December 18, 2014

On My Wishlist: Fully Fashioned Stockings

After putting together my last post about vintage fully fashioned stockings I have set out to find some modern versions. As mentioned, fully fashioned stockings are becoming increasingly hard to manufacture, which can mean high prices. But if you simply must have a pair (and I think I do!) here are a few noteworthy ones to add to your list.

Of course we can rely on Dita Von Teese to have an authentic stocking line. Her collection is available at Secrets in Lace. I adore these diamond backseams!

Cervin stockings are still made in France and are the real deal. These French heel "Swing Time" stockings are classy! 

What Katie Did puts a lot of effort into keeping the fully fashioned stocking dream alive. These Empire, also known as Manhattan, heel stockings are a must have. 


wanderlust designs said...

Gorgeous stockings and the velvet sofa... Love, love!
Thank you so much for the beautiful vintage gift exchange package. I love the soap, it's in my shower. The doily is beautiful and fits in perfectly with my vintage dishes.
Happy holidays and thanks again for making my holiday special.

Unknown said...

@wanderlust designs You're welcome! Happy holidays! xo