Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Vintage Vanity: Sewing Patterns

Signing up for the Vintage Sewing Pledge 2015, meant I had to go through my collection of vintage and retro sewing patterns. I thought it would be fun to share a little glimpse!

In my sewing room I store them in a bin on my bookcase. All of my commercial patterns are vintage or repro/retro and are stored in the red bin. In the black bin are my own drafted patterns which I tend to use more often. 

What I love about the vintage pledge is that it is forcing me to use my collection of purchased patterns and not just collect them. 

These are some of my repro and retro patterns. I love that the pattern companies are re-issuing old hard to find vintage patterns. I've chosen most of these for my pledge!

A small sampling of my vintage dress patterns. I really need to utilize these more!

Vintage lingerie, nightgowns, and bed jackets. Love!

Vintage jackets and coats. 

The possibilities are endless! Do you collect vintage sewing patterns? Do you use them or are they more for inspiration? Have you joined the vintage pledge?


Marie said...

Such a great collection, thanks for sharing! I've pinned it to the #vintagepledge board -

Sara said...

Seriously inspiring! I had forgotten the whole category of bed jackets (which, actually, I could use, this chilly February!)... One of my first memories is waking up to a brand-new robe my mother made - it was hanging on my doorknob - a quilted fabric with little rosebuds. I still have one of the buttons.

And those coat patterns bring up such memories - I remember every detail of the coat my mother made me in grade school - the fabric, the gorgeous buttons... except, of course, the work she put into it, which I surely didn't see. But I felt the love :)

Not vintage-sewing - but committing to destashing my knitting, and to resuming sewing this year! I am clearing lots of room!

Unknown said...

@Marie Thanks for hosting the pledge! I hope I can do it, but either way that is inspiring!
@Sara wonderful memories! Something about homemade = more love than anything you can buy!