Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vintage Pattern Art

I love vintage patterns! Even though I'd love to bring some of those fantastic vintage dresses back to life, I find I love vintage patterns more for their cover illustrations. They are a great resource for fashion history and the illustrations are beautiful. It has been a delight to discover some artwork and useful items made with such illustrations and vintage pattern covers! Here are a few of my faves: janesapron- sew busy clipboard

JenniferConway- Original Collage Art Card

patternstash- Red Joy collage notebook cover

OnAMoonbeam- set of four coasters


OnAMoonbeam said...

Thank oh so much for posting my coasters! You are such a peach! They really are fab and I use mine everyday here in my studio! I now have them so they can hang...perfect for the little nook area! Thanks again!

Unknown said...

You are so very welcome! You know I am hankerin' for the set. I want two for my studio and two for the home. I'll be in touch! xoxo