Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vintage Item of the Week: Bathing Suits

Last year I bought myself a new retro style cherry print bikini and it still has the tags on it! Living in this urban jungle, I often have more concrete under my feet then beach sand. However, this year I am determined to not let this summer sneak by with out wearing it, even if just once! Clearly, I am not in the market for a new suit for myself, but as I dream about the beach and pools, I can't help but look at the choices I could have, say the need for many bathing suits were required. I just LOVE swim wear! Especially retro inspired swimwear or the real deal vintage ones. Here's a look at a few that I've found; from top to bottom:
Sweet Coquette Maillot- custom sized two piece; $115 missbrache This is a vintage reproduction. It's actually a two piece that can be worn like a one piece. Perfect for tall gals like myself.
Vintage leopard print bathing suit; $80 House of Vintage I am crazy for this suit, I absolutely love it!! I just don't have the curves for it.
Seriously retro two piece bikini; $90 Harajuku This was a strong contender for me last year. I still want it. Yup, still want it!

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