Monday, October 6, 2008

Vintage Finds of the Week:Hair Clips

I'm always searching for new things to put in my hair and vintage hair clips are one of my top searches. This week I have found a selection that ranges from the gorgeous and collectible Art Deco hair comb to the more affordable and girly 1960's handpainted bobby pins with a couple of rhinestone clips in between.
From top to bottom:
Let Down Your Hair- 1920's celluloid hair comb-$45- Magoo Vintage
Vintage Black Rhinestone Hair Comb- $6.99 Fairymuse
Rhinestone Hair Barrette- $9.99- Addicted 2 Vintage
Vintage Hand Painted Bobby Pins-$2.75- The Automat


Sue said...

Thank you so much Karen for
featuring my comb! I love your
blog, such a fun read!


Unknown said...

Thank you Sue! I am coveting your comb!

Honore said...

How lovely! I keep an eye out for vintage barrettes (and bobby pins) now and again, but it seems that often what sellers call vintage/deco are of the variety one can find at any drugstore right now. I once had a really lovely turquoise catalin one, but some wretched hairdresser stole it right out of my handbag during a photoshoot! And once I saw the most stunning 1920s English sterling silver and pale pink guilloche one on e-bay. I regret not even trying for it now, even though it sold for a staggering price. Alas.

Unknown said...

Hello Honore! I've had to pass on ones on eBay before too. Some real fantastic ones do go for a very high price, but they were gorgeous! Such little treasures.