Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fashionable History: Swim Wear By Decade- 1950's

For my Fashionable History segment this summer I am exploring swim wear by decade. Here we are at the 1950's. Swim wear becomes form fitting and curvaceous. The hourglass look is in. Shaping and support are key factors and swimsuits resemble corsets in many ways. Strapless one pieces are favored over the bikini but are very sexy with bias shaping, ruching, and padded cone shaped bra cups. As shorter curled hairstyles become important, so does the swim cap to protect the hair from swimming. Here's a look at some gorgeous photos.

1950s swimwear

These ladies are wearing serious suits to swim in with the funniest swim caps!

1950s swimwear Gorgeous use of plaid with bias shaping and a ruffle at the bust.

1950s swimwear A great shot of the popular ruched style on the left and chevron stripes on the right.

1950s swimwear Matching swim caps! Divine!

1950s swimwear Truly form fitting!

Click this link to see the 1952 Swimsuit Fashions Heavenly Bodies Newsreel. It's very glam!


Glamoursurf said...

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Unknown said...

ooohhh really! I must have a look!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Lovely snaps and caps! Ha!

Drawforjoy said...

Nice swimsuits.

Kyle said...

Interesting post,

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic blog! Thank you for making me smile. :)
I write quite a lot about tourism and leisure at the seaside in England. Hadn't really thought about the expression of socio-economic change through swimwear fashion before, but what a brilliant thing to think about!

Love Lingerie said...

Those are just plain pretty designer swimwear!