Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage Finds of the Week: Spooky 'N Scarry

This week is all about being spooked out.... and these vintage Etsy finds spook me out.

Unearthed from German Soil...4 SpOOky Creepy Eerie Souls...Dearly Departed Spirits from 100 Plus Years-$15-adelesspookyart


maclancy said...

Wow I love your spooky choices!! Thanks for featuring my graveyard photo.. this gets me in a spooky mood for Halloween!

Miss Woody said...

interesting inspirations !

My Favourite Things said...

Very creepy finds :S Especially the doll's arm! I <3 Halloween. Check out these Halloween decorating ideas on my blog a couple weeks back!


Night Wing Vintage said...

Karen....Love the Spooky stuff...have sent it on to my FaceBook....Hope all is well with you! Liberty Patrick