Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashionable History: The Rockettes

Well before Lady Gaga made "pantlessness" fashionable we had The Rockettes. There is a small part of me that would love to be a Rockette. Being 5'10" I've got the legs, but I never studied dance. Nonetheless, the high kicks and costumes have always been compelling. Here's a look at The Rockettes through the ages.

In 1925, The Missouri Rockets debuted in St. Louis. Inspired by the Tiller Girls in the Ziegfeld Follies the Missouri Rockets creator, Russell Markert, was inspired to create a group that kicked higher and had longer legs. Landing a gig at The Roxy Theatre in NYC they became The Roxyettes. From there they moved to Radio City and changed their name to The Rockettes as we know them today.

This is the part that looks like the most fun- the dressing room!

So glamorous!

As Russell imagined, they have become world renowned for their precision tap routines.

Modern Rockettes with US Navy Sailors. I love these costumes!
If you'd like to see The Rockettes live, be sure to check out their Christmas Spectacular, either at Radio City or on their National Tour!


Maggi said...

How fun it would have been to be a Rockette!

heavensentvintage said...

I love the Rockettes. I've been to the Rockefeller Center Xmas show 3 times, but would have loved to see them 'back in the day'.

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

I need to put them on my bucket list. They are so glam.

Fabulous Finds Gal

Anonymous said...

Great post and photos - it does indeed sound fun to kick those legs around!!

Treacle said...

Now that is classic...and classy too!

Jaimie said...

Hi. Do you have any Rockette pics from 1944 - 1952? My Mon was a Rockete during that period and I don't have any pics of her on stage - only publicity shots and individual pics. Thanks!

Unknown said...

@Jaimie How exciting that your mom was a Rockette! The only pics I have are in the post. Good luck in your search!

Unknown said...

Hi. My Mom was also a rockette. Actually she was a roxyette before they were the rockettes! I dont know the exact years - my sisters have all that info. She is now 90 and still puts on her tap shoes and does a dance for us! I too was searching for pics since my Mom also had a lot of single shots.

Unknown said...

@Patty, that is really special!

Kelley said...

My MIL was a Rockette, I'm not sure of the years. She's 85 now and still teaches dance.

The picture of them in the dressing room with the tophats has a woman in it that looks like her. Do you know the year that was from?