Monday, January 11, 2010

Retro Looks In The Modern World: Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, retro inspired is truly sexy. Instead of focusing on a retro themed editorial, for this edition of Retro Looks in the Modern World I am showcasing 4 companies that do retro lingerie right. In other words, I want it all!

Lucy B. out of Los Angeles, has a great variety of affordable camisoles, bras, panties etc. Some designed in collaboration with pin-up model Bernie Dexter.

oooh, Rigby & Peller from London. High end deliciousness. Their 70th anniversary collection, Platinum, pulled from their archives is amazing! Look at that cone bra!

What can I say about What Katie Did, other than I wish they were stateside! The best looking bullet bras I've seen plus a fantastic selection of seamed stockings.

Dirty Dolls Lingerie has a romantic approach to their retro line. This one is pretty enough to wear on the outside!


Jen said...

phoarr this underwear is beautiful and so sexy. My new years resolution was to invest in good underwear. Even if no-one sees it at least I have a secret all to myself and I think it will make you feel really confident even if its just a placebo. This has really inspired me. Thank you

MissV said...

Yay! I love vintage inspired lingerie! It is just so glam! I recently found dollhouse betty from San Francisco and love it!

Treacle said...

Gorgeous! I'd never heard of Rigby and Peller or Dirty Dolls before. Thanks!

Retro Chick said...

Rigby and Peller lingerie is so far out of my price range it's not even funny.


Jennythenipper said...

OMGZ, that Rigby and Peller stuff is to die for. But yeah, sooooo pricey.

Mary Green has a really excellent line that is the only 1930s style lingerie I've ever seen that was authentic looking, especially for bras. It's called Tetro Nouveau, it's silk and it's yummy!

Jennythenipper said...

Doll House Bettie has the Mary Green Retro Noveau.

Unknown said...

@Jen-that is a great resolution!! It really does make a difference!
@MissV-I do love Dollhouse Bettie too! They came very close to getting in this post!
@Treacle- YW-so glad to share with you!
@Jennythenipper- I'm going to check out that Mary Green line, I do love MG!