Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashionable History: Gossard

The gorgeous high quality lingerie from Gossard, we know today started in Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. Henry Williamson Gossard founded the HW Gossard Co. in 1901 with the desire to produce top quality bras and corsets. By the 1920's Gossard was exporting goods to the UK and producing revolutionary designs like corsets that laced up in the front instead of the back.
In the 1930's Gossard relocates to the UK and becomes a British company where it is still in business today.

In the 1950's Gossard introduces lightweight girdles, and perma-lift bras. In the 60's the Wonderbra is introduced. With one hand on innovation and the other on the pulse of what women want, Gossard has become one of the top lingerie brands in the world.
Here is an example of an early 20th century corset. It is available in my vintage shop, Femme Fatale Vintage.
For modern lingerie visit the Gossard site.

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Lesley Ann said...

Every time I see a corset, or an ad for one, I can't help but say to myself the line from the film THE WOMEN-"Our new one piece lace foundation-zips up the back and no bones!"