Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Projects: Garters

It's time to put the "Bobbins" back in Bobbins and Bombshells! The road to recovery since my hand injury and surgery last November has been a long one, and I'm still on it. But I can sew again for a short time before my hand gets really tired. So I have started by sewing up some accessories for my shop The Sparkling Cocktail and I am excited to be once again sharing my projects with you. I am also excited to be putting into reality ideas that I've had since before my injury...what a relief! The direction I'm going into is boudoir bridal. To start I made up some garters the other night. Inspired by Jean Harlow in the pre-code film Red Headed Woman (shown above), I've been making sets with lockets attached. Of course devilish Jean had a picture of the man she was out to get in her locket but they are also a great for holding a picture of your Groom on your wedding night. **Hint Hint** These make great bridal shower gifts!

This picture is also great inspiration!

Ribbons, lace, and lockets!

Garters ready to be decorated.

A finished product!

Some are already listed in my shop, The Sparkling Cocktail, so have a look! More will be made and listed soon.

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Maggi said...

How beautiful, love these!