Sunday, December 4, 2011

My View: Maple and Vine

I went to see Jordan Harrison's new Off-Broadway play Maple and Vine yesterday at Playwrights Horizons here in NYC. If you are in town this month, I highly recommend it.  And if you are a Bobbins and Bombshell's follower, you already know that Playwrights Horizons is offering a discount on tickets for my readers! Hurry this discount ends on December 6th and shows are selling out.  For more info on the discount, click here

Maple and Vine brings up a lot of questions about the times we live in.  Were earlier more simpler times of the past, specifically 1955, really any easier?  In some ways they were, and in some they weren't. This play answers this question in a very clever way. In a way it sheds more light onto today than it does on the past. 

As a vintage lover, it was fun and interesting to see the modern day characters transform themselves into their new 1955 lives. But unlike many vintage lovers, I've never wished I lived in another time. I like my modern gadgets, more freedom in decisions, and as the play wonderfully points out, my sushi! I also love to wear vintage from any decade and not have to conform to a standard look. What Maple and Vine so cleverly displays, is that living in the present is what is so important. To have responsibility for yourself and your community, like they did in 1955. 

If you've seen Maple and Vine, please let me know your thoughts. If not, take advantage of the discount and order your tickets today! 

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