Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid-Week Inspiration: Stylish Barbie

Growing up, my Sisters and I loved all things Barbie. Recently one of my sisters directed me over to the Barbie Facebook page where there are these wonderful photos of Barbie in the "Teeniest Tiniest Atelier". She is so chic!

Here are my favorites. 


RocketJNYC said...

Have you ever met Gene Marshall? She's a 15 1/2" fashion doll based on the movie stars of the 40's and 50's with a wardrobe to die for. I have (the word obsessive is so unnecessary don't you think) collection.

Andi B. Goode said...

Yes! I love the silkstone Barbie dolls. So beautiful! I have one in a beautiful loungewear set. :)
-Andi x

socialitedreams said...

oh god, they are toooo awesome! love the platinum hair on the last one..and that outfit in the first! just amazing

Rockabilly Gypsy said...

I kind of miss my Barbies now... and @RocketJNYC thank you so much for posting about that doll!