Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Projects: Red Tweed Fingerless Gloves

I just finished these crochet fingerless gloves. I'm still in love with this tweed yarn and in the red it is really special! Plus it's super soft! I used a blonde tweed for the tipping and a black merino for the bow. 

These are available in my Etsy shop; The Sparkling Cocktail. Perfect for cocktails at the cabin! 

For yarn and pattern information visit my Ravelry page. 


SaraGardens said...

They look terrific!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I'll bring them to our next Stitch N Bitch!

leonie fanning said...

i jove your gloves there all fabulous, iv done a bit of crochet to, its so lovely to do but i find it quite difficult at times, your a talented woman fair dues to you, i'll keep at it, its a great way to relax, love from dublin.

Unknown said...

It is a great way to wind down after work, Leonie. Thanks for the compliments!