Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Vintage Vanity: My Grandmother's Bedroom Set

Last week I showed you my wonderful vintage vanity and stool. The vanity was once part of my Grandmother's bedroom set. Below is the rest of the set. I love the bias wood grain. While the set is rather simple, that wood grain and inlay is what sets it apart from modern furniture.

The wardrobe. It's not that tall compared with modern wardrobes. My Grandmother was hardly 5' tall. I'm 5'10". Times have changed. 

Once again I have doilies protecting the top and more vintage satin glove boxes! Vintage fans, a Jonathan Adler Christmas ornament and a beloved photo of my Grandparents on their honeymoon on top of the Empire State Building decorate the top. 

This is the dresser. I love the large round mirror! 

Another doily, stained glass lamp and my glow in the dark Virgin Mary are on display. Also a photo of me and my hubby! 


Lenora Jane said...

How absolutely lovely!

joan reese said...

What a cool blog!!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!