Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fashionable History: The Bullet Bra

Did I ever tell you that I got the What Katie Did Bullet Bra that was On My Wish List? Well, I did plus a whole lot more! I got the Harlow Bra in Vintage Peach and I love it. It's pictured above with the complete set. I did get the padding too as recommended for my 32B's. This cone is a real cone so I need all of the help that I can get! I love it with my vintage dresses that were, quite frankly designed with this type of lingerie in mind. 

All of this fun, got me wondering about the history of the bullet bra so I did a little research: 

The Bullet Bra originated in the 40's. Since it was Wartime, the name makes sense. Brassiere makers were experimenting with different kind of stitching  and insets to give us girls a lift. Underwires won't be used for a couple decades later. 

A great example of creative stitching and shapes used to give an uplifted cone shape. My Harlow Bra is a near replica! 

Marilyn made the Bullet Bra popular in the 50's. Pin-ups and girl next door types a like loved the shape it gave them under sweaters. They were called "Sweater Girls". 

In the 60's the popularity wained as underwires were used and a more natural and smaller shape was desired. Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier brought it back in the early 90's where she wore the extreme cones as outerwear. 

If you're like me, you may have a hard time finding an authentic vintage one in your size. The modern manufacturer What Katie Did makes new ones as well as other retro inspired lingerie and swimwear to ease your hunt! I love this two tone one called the Marlene. It's next on my list! 

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Lil said...

Thank You for your post, i too, really love What Katie did next and have the swim suit on my wish list. Your bullet bra and complete set is beautiful, love the peach, it looks very authentic
Isabella xxx