Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Projects: Knit and Crochet Project Update

You may remember my excitement a short while back with all of the new knitting projects I had on my list. Here is an update on my progress!

Here is the Roar Hat(s) I am knitting for my for my nephews. The one above is nearly finished. I just have to attach the spikes. Liam is going to love this! 

I was highly ambitious this year in deciding to make two of these, the second for Liam's brother Ryan. Here is Ryan's. It looks like I will get these finished in time for Christmas!! I was really worried about that. The pattern was fully knitting but I decided to crochet the spikes. It was easier and they have more structure. I can't wait to show you what these hats look like finished. I can't wait to see that myself! 

To keep my hand in crochet mode as well, I have hooked these little fingerless gloves. Almost done, I just need to make one more bow, attach them on and weave in the ends! These will soon be for sale in my Cocktails at the Cabin section of my Etsy shop; The Sparkling Cocktail

And here is the Morning Glory scarf. Inching along! It's a simple 2x2 knit/purl in the prettiest purple tweed! It's a great project for when I'm too tired to think or want to knit on the subway. Do you knit on the train or while waiting for an appointment?

The baby blanket you ask? I haven't started that one yet. Although I am learning to balance more than one project at a time. I used to not start a new project until one was finished. Now as you can see, I am juggling and it feels a lot more productive! Are you a one project at a timer? Or do you juggle? 

Stay tuned for finished projects! 

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Unknown said...

I prefer one project at a time bc I am juggling three kids everyday-two which are toddlers! But I think your projects are fantastic! I hope to be taking a crochet/knitting class soon. I cannot wait to learn! xox

Unknown said...

That is totally understandable Bunny, two toddlers! You are a busy gal!

Unknown said...

I'm a crocheter, and cannot for the life of me master knitting - those spiky hats are ace! And I love the bow handwarmers too, lovely colours.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vicky!