Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Style Icon: Linda Darnell

Welcome to my new series; Style Icon! I will be featuring those whose style is a great inspiration to me both current and from the past. First up is 1940's screen star, Linda Darnell. She encompasses classic 1940's style and was so beautiful, I am surprised she is not more well known.

Born in Texas in 1923 she started modeling when she was 11. It wasn't long until she made her way to Hollywood. The movie Star Dust (1940) put her on the map. Two of my favorites are;  A Letter to Three Wives (1949) and Fallen Angel (1945). 

I love this whole look! Turban, crochet cardigan and those nails! 


Can I please look like this when I ride my bike?




Anonymous said...

Poor Linda. Her career never took off the way it should have, that's why she's not remembered much. The studios never gave her roles suited for her skills, or if she got a good role, it was often later given to someone else. She also resisted the advances of Darryl Zanuck, which left her with sparse employment. During WWII, she spent much of her time working for the war effort instead. In her later career, she struggled with alcoholism and weight gain. She died from severe burns that she received from a house fire in 1965.

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia entry gives more info about the problems, both personal and career-related, she had during her life: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Darnell

gésbi said...

A 'Letter to Three Wives' is a great movie and the only one I've seen Linda Darnell in. It only took that one for me to remember her, but I'll look into the others you mention. I hope she is just as glamourous in them!

Happy said...

Looking forward to your new series. It was great to start with Linda Darnell--what a charmer.

Unknown said...

Poor Linda is right...so tragic!