Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mid-Week Inspiration: Freckles

Katharine Hepburn had them.

So did Marilyn Monroe.
But in most glamour shots and photo stills from the golden age of Hollywood and fashion at the time, you never saw them. 

It wasn't until Patti Hansen broke through the modeling scene in the 1970's that freckles stopped being hidden behind makeup and careful lighting. It was a big deal when she landed on a magazine cover with her freckles showing. It was shocking! But it led to a sun kissed decade and made me feel, as a child in the 70's kind of special to have them. 

Now a days I find that there are a lot of beauty products coming out to lighten your brown spots and in essence make you feel insecure about your freckles. How would Lucy Liu feel about that? She is freckle inspiration!

As are the two modern beauties above!

Here I am with my freckles. Some I have always had since I was a kid, some are newer, and I am sure I will get even more as I age. I hate to wear foundation. Moisturizer, sun block, and creme blush are it for me. I don't want to feel masked or like I can't be who I truly am. 

What do you think? Love freckles? Hate them? Wish you didn't have them? Wish you had more? 


Charlotte said...

I LOVE freckles! It always makes me happy when my meager supply of them show up on my nose in the summer (even though they're probably just unhealthy little sunspots.)
Lovely pictures! =]

Unknown said...

YAY! Thanks!

Witchcrafted Life said...

I simply adore freckles! I've yearned for a dusting across my face for my whole life, but alas there's not a one to be found (a flat beauty mark or two, but no darling little freckles). You're so lucky to be blessed with a smattering.

♥ Jessica

Janey said...

I've always loved my freckles. I think they add a bit of fun and charm. I love when the sun finally comes around in Oregon and I'll bask in it saying "FRECKLE ME!!"

I use foundation to kind of fill out my tone on my upper lip, chin and forehead, but it ends there. And I'll put a light amount of sun screen on when I'm going to be out for a good majority of the day in the sun, say for swimming, day at the races, etc.


Unknown said...

@Jessica Cangiano I wish I could share mine!
@Janey Yay! I'm glad you love your freckles!