Thursday, April 4, 2013

My View: Staycation and Family Time

I recently took a vacation that was part staycation and part family reunion! It was so wonderful to split the time for both myself and to see my family!

Here are a few shots from Instagram that I took during my time off. To keep Instagram, ya know instant, follow me @BobbinBombshell

How cute is my Nephew Ryan in his Dinosaur hat I made him? I love it (and him)!! 

New shoes! I'm  a sucker for a T-Strap!

I explored my neighborhood in Brooklyn. Fresh produce in Chinatown on a sunny day! 

This is my dress form in my craft room. She dresses better than I do.

My new Bordelle open back tee! I never noticed how many freckles I have on my back! It prompted this post


art deco dame said...

Your nephew is adorable and so are those shoes!

Unknown said...

@art deco dame thanks Sweetie!