Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mid-Week Inspiration: Peasant Blouses

I really want to sew up some peasant blouses for the Summer. Nice sheer whites and swiss dots are what I have in mind.

 Or pretty florals and eyelet! 

 Or I could even crochet one!

What projects are topping your list for the Summer? 

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Lolita Haze said...

I love love love these peasant shirts! I have 5 different sewing patterns of just peasant tops, including the second pattern picture you posted. But my goodness... that crocheted top! Why don't I know how to crochet? WHY? WHY???

Tasha said...

I'm with you, I'd love to sew some peasant blouses. I adore them! I have one or two patterns but every time I sit down to contemplate it, I end up passing them by for something that doesn't involve casings or elastic. Hopefully I will break this cycle this summer! ;) said...
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Unknown said...

@Lolita Haze- I want to make them all! I have to find a copy of these patterns!
@Tasha- I need to break my non-sewing streak this summer. I really need to start making my own clothes again!

Witchcrafted Life said...

These are all completely splendid blouses. I'm a huge fan of this classic style, too, which at first glance one might think wouldn't do much for a gal's figure, but I find the exact opposite to be true (and makes me love them all the more).

♥ Jessica

*PS* Thank you very much for both of your lovely blog comments this weekend, sweet gal. ♥