Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mid-Week Inspiration: Yarns From Maine

I splurged on some gorgeous yarns while I was in Maine.  In the town of Bath we found Halcyon Yarn which quickly became my favorite yarn store, ever. They sell all sorts of yarn from the familiar and wonderful Cascade (which I bought a large hank of for a scarf for my Husband) to smaller brands from Norway, Iceland, etc. They also sell several brands from Maine including their own. If you're into weaving, they've got supplies for that too!
I was overwhelmed and it took me a while to focus. In addition to the Cascade, I decided on some additional hanks from two Maine companies, Peace Fleece and Swans Island. The colors are magnificent and my photos do not do them justice. 

Not only are the yarns themselves inspiring...oh what am I going to make?...but the stories behind these two yarn companies are inspiring too. 

Yarns From Maine Bobbins and Bombshells

I bought two hanks of Peace Fleece Worsted. The darker blue (Patience Blue) will be a hat for my Husband. The teal (Blue Jay) will be something for me (TBD). Peace Fleece is from Porter, Maine. They started in the Mid-Eighties with a mission to bridge the US and Russia during the Cold War. The owners imported wool from small Russian farms and turned it into delicious yarn in amazing colors. Now they also support small farmers in the Middle East and Dakota Indian reservations. I love that their company has flourished and the community they have created. 

Yarns From Maine Bobbins and Bombshells

I also bought one hank from Swans Island. I had a hard time capturing the richness of this purple natural indigo dyed yarn. The layers of colors is incredible! This was a total splurge at $32 a hank but I couldn't resist it's beauty! Swans Island is a small company located near Acadia National Park. Formed by two Boston lawyers who decided to leave the hustle and bustle behind and work from the land. They moved to Swan's Island, use local wool, learned how to naturally dye it, and started making beautiful blankets. The blankets are a Martha Stewart dream come true and are hand loomed. They now make naturally indigo dyed yarn and they, as mentioned before, are gorgeous! Keeping days old traditions this company has a labor of love and it shows in the quality of their products. Next time I am in Maine, I would love to visit their facility. 

I can't wait to show you what these yarns become! 

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