Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My View: Winter in the City

I always enjoy the quietness of Winter, even in a city that doesn't slow down. Here are some snaps I have shared on Instagram lately during some recent snowy days and nights.
My View Winter in the City

Snowy park bench at Madison Square Park.

My View Winter in the City

My kitty, Coco Pancakes, watching the snow fall.

My View Winter in the City

Warming up with a café au lait at Balthazar.

My View Winter in the City

Walking home in the snow in Brooklyn.

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Caroline said...

Lovely photos - I was meant to be flying into Newark today but I delayed my flight - assuming it would be a massive snowy mess.

Unknown said...

Good choice,it is!

Ladybud said...

So beautiful! we haven't got snow yet:(

Tita Carré said...

Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.