Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Vintage Vanity: New Finds For My Dresser Top

I've recently purchased a few vintage pieces for my bedroom on Etsy. The first is a vintage mirror tray that was painted white to give it a cottage look. I have it displayed on my dresser top. I've wanted one for awhile, and always wished I had kept mine from childhood. I wasn't sure I wanted to stray away from the common brass edgings, but I'm thrilled with the white!
You can see a little bit of the white edging here. I love displaying my ring swan on it!

Perfumes and other girly items belong on a mirror tray. 

Here you can get a better look at how well the white trim goes with the decor. I found this mirror tray at Tarnished Hinge. 

This lovely lady, is my first head vase. A Napco in pretty yellow and gold! Isn't she pretty? 

She is housing my make-up brushes on my vanity. A perfect spot for her! I found her in the Etsy shop Reminisce47.

Have you made any good vintage purchases lately? Please share!