Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mid-Week Inspiration: American Woman-Fashioning a National Identity

Last weekend I went to see the Costume Institutes exhibit at the Met called American Woman- Fashioning a National Identity. The collection was exquisite and extremely inspiring! If you are in the NYC area this is a must see! The exhibit takes us on a journey back in time to when American women were first starting to be recognized as fashionable by Europe in the late 1800's and early 1900's up through to Hollywood's Golden Age in the 1930's. It was so enjoyable that I really wished the exhibit kept going up to modern times. I could have spent all day there!
For those of you that can't go here are some photos from The Metropolitan Museum of Art's flickr page. Photography is not permitted at the exhibit. Keep in mind that even their own photos do not do these dresses justice. The fabrics and bead work must be seen in person!

The Society Ladies: 1900's. Evening gowns from The House of Worth.

The silks and laces were astonishingly beautiful!

Bohemian. 1910's. Gowns and robes by Weeks, Paul Poiret, Liberty of London.

The Flapper. 1920's. Jeanne Lanvin, Edward Molyneux.
The bead work on these dresses was incredible!

Screen Siren. 1930's. Madame Gres.

Screen Sirens. 1930's. Dresses by Jesse Franklin Turner, Chanel, Travis Banton, Jeanne Lanvin,
and Vionnet.
Yes that dragon dress by Travis Banton is the very one worn by Anna May Wong . That made my heart skip a beat!

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