Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bourbon, Baby.

My summertime goal of putting together my "at home" bar is going very slowly. Too slow for my taste, but quite frankly I haven't been spending much time at home! So I've had to get my Bourbon on elsewhere. The current trend for old fashioned classic bars is one I fully endorse and with a few really fine ones having opened up close to home, I couldn't be happier. Here's a few of my faves:

Sidecar: 560 5th Ave, Brooklyn. A gorgeous space with soft lighting, classic cocktails, and late night raw oysters. They've got the retro look down!

Clover Club: 210 Smith St. Brooklyn. My newest fave with a yummy drink menu. My cocktail was fab with Rye, Absinthe and a twist of lemon. The bartenders here are masters with each drink having it's own form of ice. Mine was a large round cube that fit perfectly in my glass.

The Campbell Apartment: Grand Central Station, NYC. Not close to home but I'm including this one because it is the real deal. This space has history and is not fabricated to be retro. The former office and salon of 1920's mogul John W. Campbell, has been refurbished and probably has lot's of stories to tell. I loved the leaded glass window behind the bar, and my Basil Hayden on the rocks. I went last night dressed in one of my favorite 1940's vintage dresses only to be surrounded by a faux LV crowd, but it was Midtown 2008 after all.

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