Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid-Week Inspiration: Red Luggage Set

I love this picture of Eva Marie Saint surrounded by her American Tourister Tiara luggage set. It is from a 1965 ad for the luggage company. I have the round case pictured there that I bought on eBay years ago. It's so much fun to travel with but it would be grand to have the whole set!


Toby Wollin said...

You have the hatbox? OMG - I've been looking for one of those for a long time; I have a very old one of my mom's from the 1950s, but I'd like something newer.

Treacle said...

Do people still use luggage sets, I wonder?

Lara said...

I feel like luggage sets are a thing of the past. Its so sad! I have this old old piece of luggage from my grampa and it has lasted nearly 60 years and many many trips all over the world. Meanwhile, my new luggage is falling apart.

Tara Starlet said...

What a great pic!
Wish i had it too, I'd have to make sure i over pack for every holiday just to make sure i have a reason to take them all along!
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Lauren R. said...

That's so funny. I totally have the makeup train case from that exact same luggage set!

Luggage Set said...

Really it is a beautiful luggage sets. Thanks a lot!

Paula said...

My parents still travel with the suitcases!
Now that they are older they prefer smaller suitcases over the jumbo-sizes from the 1990s'.
Suitcases seemed to be smaller in the 1960's.