Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid-Week Inspiration: Chic 1940's Ladies On Their Bikes

I love these ladies! Great outfits, great shoes, and great hair while riding their bikes! 
I often wear heels and dresses when riding my bike around Brooklyn, but I could never have hair like that and wear a helmet! Do you wear heels like these when riding your bike? 

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Lil said...

What a wonderful picture! I have never really tried riding in heels, but after seeing this picture, i am going to try!
Isabella xxx

Anonymous said...

There were many millions of miles ridden by children and adults all over the world long before it became fashion (and law) to wear helmets. Don't recall much of a hue and cry from the riding masses to make helmet wearing mandatory until recent years. We were once unafraid of our shadows either.