Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Vintage Vanity: Striped 1960's Bikini and Cover-Up

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous showing my un-photoshopped 40 year old self here in a bikini but this vintage suit is way too cute not to share! From the 60's, this pistachio and soft white striped suit is complete with a matching cover-up and Gidget stylin' top and shorts. Perfect for Coney Island, where these photos were taken. 
I thrifted this amazing un-worn find a few years ago and I love wearing it on my rare days off at the beach (warning: pale skin alert!) 

I love chevron the stripes! 

The 1960's bra shaping here, is the best! 


And let us not forget my vintage rhinestoned pink plastic sunnies from ArtDecoDame! 

Would you wear a vintage swim suit? Do you have a vintage suit that is your favorite? 


Lil said...

Wow that bikini and cover up is so lovely, definately too good not to share with us! You look lovely,vintage swim wear is always the best, I have one myself and a couple of vintage inspired ones, which I find are always the most flattering ones too. Oh and I lolve the sunnies!
Isabella xxxx
Would be lovely if you couold also check out my page!

Rockabilly Gypsy said...

you look smokin! And I love the color of the bikini!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies!