Monday, November 5, 2012

My View: Post Hurricane Sandy

You've seen the news, you've seen the images of flooding on a repeating loop. You're aware of what Hurricane Sandy brought to the East Coast. Instead of bombarding you with more images of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy here in NYC, I want to share with you some images of a few of my favorite places.

The cherry blossoms at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO

View of the Statue of Liberty from Governor's Island.

On top of the Empire State in one of my favorite vintage 1940's dress. 

Summers in Coney Island! Here I am in my 1960's swim suit set

I have lived in New York City for 18 years now and it can both be an amazing place to live and a difficult place to live. I've seen a lot and I know that this is a truly resilient place. We will get back on our feet and carry on but it will take help. In the wake of the storm, I am donating 20% of my November and December sales in my Etsy store; The Sparkling Cocktail to the American Red Cross. Each buyer will be notified of the donation given in their name. Every penny counts, I wish I could give more. If you want to donate or give in your own way, please check out the many ways you can help here.

All images belong to Bobbins And Bombshells. 

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