Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mid-Week Inspiration: The Sweaters of Volver

Volver, an amazing film by Almodovar, was released in 2006. But it wasn't until last week when we rented it from Netflix that I finally saw it. Not only is the film great, but the fashion is as well. In true Almodovar style the colors are bright and there are several prints. If I saw this film when it came out, I would have loved the fashion as much as I do now, but since I wasn't a knitter then, I wouldn't have been nearly as inspired by the wonderful sweaters in the film. Or at least not inspired to want to make them!

This bright leafy green one was my favorite. Several of the sweaters in this film are lacey open work, so truly I am wanting to get my hands on the patterns!

It's a dark scene in the film when Penelope Cruz's character Raimunda is wearing this red one. I found myself studying the stitches!

Gingham! Need I say more? 

And another textured knit, this time a set! 

Have any films inspired your knitting? 

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